Jodie's weekend of cycling

Busy weekend of cycling! Don't be afraid to try something might enjoy it, or at least you know for sure that you don't! For me, I am not a fan of crit racing. Don't get me wrong, I support all you racers and enjoy watching, but its just not me. But in the spirit of the club, I have entered the races for War of the West and gave the weekend's race a go.

I got lucky, it was turned into a handicap race. Which for newbies (yes I had to work it out too) we all had to complete 10 laps, the lowest grade gets a head start, then the next grade and so forth till the top grade finally gets to start. I was the lowest grade and so myself and a young girl from Park Life took off. We just had to stay far enough in front to hit the 10 laps first. Not easy with the calibre of the other girls in the race. My other disadvantage was that the young girl couldn't really take turns with me as she was a twig of a thing. So after freaking out before it all started I thought...I've got my points for the club, if I get scared or swallowed up I pull out. It was pretty much a TT for me...very scary with passing groups! I pulled out a speed which I have never achieved before and managed a win. It's an interesting format because its not just about speed...its about keeping on pushing right till the end and not giving up. I was by no means the fastest on the track and kudos to all the other girls who were absolutely amazing and inspiring and were doing speeds I can only dream of! But in the spirit of the club...everyone was out encouraging each other...the number of words of encouragement as I went round and dug as deep as I could was just brilliant! I may not be a fan participating in the crit races, but I was a fan of the team spirit!

Talking of crits...Not sure who else was out at the crits today, but well done Bridget Bremner for her 4th in Elite Women's I think it was! Bridget has found what she enjoys and is absolutely going for it!!! Today I backed up for a 43km ITT. With my training in Victoria over Christmas I had hoped for a good result...but the heat, humidity and headwind got the better of me. I was very close to having someone pick me up, but I apparently am a little too stubborn and would rather a poor time than a DNF. This is the kind of race I enjoy...essentially I am pitting myself against me and the only one who can affect my outcome is me. PS well done to Jason Racchi and GReg Hill who also went out today...Greg even managed a PB in this heat! Find what you enjoy and go for it! But don't be afraid to try.