Who said cycling is just for the guys…not us!

North Western Sydney Cycling Club is a group of cyclists who recognise that is important to support all parts of the cycling community for it to be a cohesive and happy club. We recognise the need for growth of the social side of cycling, and in particular the needs of women in cycling.

NWSCC not only acknowledges that there is a growing number of women who want to cycle, but wants to support that journey. Whether you are just starting out, or are a competitive club racer, it doesn’t matter, we are there for you…

We have an extremely supportive community. The women are all particularly supportive of each other, especially new riders. There is a lot of focus in our community to make sure that the women are cared for, and don’t feel intimidated.

And if you do ride competitively, we make the best cheer squad in town. And you won’t be alone in the club as a cycling community is all about catering for all of the diverse needs of their riders.


NWSCC is a CYCLING club and not a racing club, this doesn’t mean that we don’t support our racers, but it does mean that we are all in it for one thing and that is the JOY of cycling.

Our weekly open rides are non-competitive fun rides, with distance/speeds suited to all levels, whether you are just learning to ride in a bunch, or someone who hits the road hard and soars up the hills. It doesn’t matter what your ability, what matters is that you enjoy the ride (and you make it back for coffee) and have a chat with like-minded people at the end. There are women involved with all levels of our rides and it is an unusual week if you don’t have female company. But never fear if you do end up as a sole female, the community spirit is wonderful and you will be well cared for. There is no need to fear… “I don’t think I am good enough”, “what if I hold the others up”, "I can't ride up hills", "what if I get a puncture a long way from home", "what if I fall off" - all our rides are NO DROP RIDES, and we will help you work out which ride level to join, help you improve to get to the next one and make sure you don't get left behind.

Each of the ride groups has at least 2 experienced riders there to take care of you, lead the ride and make sure that you get back safely. Safety and enjoyment is everything on our social rides!


We recognize that often the ladies don’t get out as much as they would like because they are busy with the kids…or alternatively, you don’t feel confident enough to ride far enough…well the last Sunday of the month is the dads’ turn to take care of the kids and we ladies hit the roads together. These rides are at Parramatta Park where we can cater for all abilities, and most importantly, a good coffee shop. You ride around at whatever speed you feel comfortable and as far as you feel comfortable…then we all stop for a coffee and a chat together. These days are all about the company and enjoying riding for what it is!

Our regular Saturday rides are a great way to get out into the breeze but we also have a monthly ladies Saturday ride that allows women to stretch their legs over our usual routes without the same pressure associated with riding with the men. We want you to feel comfortable and confident and want you to take the next step, on your terms, with likeminded women.

We welcome all women cyclists to come along and ride with us!