Social Media Policy


The Social Media Policy is the principles and guidelines for the Social Media assets of NWSCC for club members. NWSCC Social Media assets are for connecting people with each other, the club and our sponsors, by sharing ideas and opportunities, and having fun.

The Committee wishes to acknowledge that it is inevitable that there are grey areas surrounding advertising, profanity, harassment or bullying, and commercial use. This policy, and the social media assets of the club, are not exhaustive and may change in response to the evolution of the club and its social media presence.

Members are encouraged to:

  • Engage with members and sponsors via social media
  • Be sensitive to the needs and situation of new riders and members
  • Appreciate that there is a wide diverse culture in cycling
  • Be helpful and supportive of others
  • Encourage others to be involved in public activities via online sharing and invites
  • Acknowledge that social media use is an extension of our community
  • Forward feedback and criticism directly to the Committee

Members are required to:

  • Be respectful of others at all times
  • Be accountable for what is posted from their own social media account
  • Contributors are legally liable for anything posted online from their social media account
  • Contributors must not use commentary, content, videos or images that are defamatory, pornographic, proprietary, harassing, libellous, profane or create a hostile environment (both online and offline)
  • Be aware that your actions captured via images, videos, posts or comments and posted on club social media assets can reflect that of the club, and yourself
  • Respect fellow club members by keeping the confidence of members only information
  • Treat the social media assets as a platform for social, rather than commercial, interaction


Website: Public access information about the club such as updates and news, as well as promotion of sponsors.

Facebook Page: Public access information page used for providing updates on the club & promotion of activities like club races/Saturday rides or sponsors. This is a close copy of the website news feed.

Facebook Closed Group: Member Only. Accessible by current financial members. Used for member discussion, organizing rides, sharing events relevant to the members i.e another clubs race.

Strava Club: Public access group. Ride details and maps.

YouTube: Public access video page. Videos of club events and club rides.

Email Public enquiries address, also emailing members only information.

"The Faceless Man": Due to the limitations of social media platforms, a user called NWSC Club exists. This is controlled by the Committee, and is used when the Committee needs to avoid linking a specific Committee member.


The Committee, particularly the Social Media Secretary, will manage club posts, club rides and also intervene ensure the Social Media Policy is upheld.

If intervention occurs, the Committee will be notified in writing (email) and attempts made to resolve as a Club, rather than just opinions of individuals. These will be minuted at the next Committee meeting.

Commercial usage

The Committee has the discretion to further the interests of the club using advertising and marketing. In particular, this will mean the promotion of sponsors on social media and email, but isn't restricted to these.

The social media assets are not, however, a platform for commerce under any other circumstance. Buying and selling posts will be deleted, but posters will be directed to more appropriate locations such as Ebay/Gumtree/Bicycle Market etc. (At this time, for sale posts about club kit will be acceptable. We are working towards an appropriate solution)

Ambush/viral marketing will be tolerated when the noncommercial interests of the club and members are furthered, such as education of riders or participation in public cycling events.

Members Only information

The Committee will distribute information to members via private access channels such as the Closed Member Facebook Group or Email, and will note that it is not for sharing each time to prevent accidental sharing by members.

The Committee will be responsible for restricting information on members only channels. For example, the Strava Club is not members only, but no confidential information like the Sunday Cruise is shared there. The Committee will not share or use confidential information under any circumstances.


Access to any social media assets deemed to be Members Only will be limited to current financial members of NWSCC, currently determined using the CNSW database "IMGSTG Console". All members will have access to Member Only social media. This involves members only rides and events, member only access to social media, or member information emails.

This information and access must not be shared, as it is a privilege of membership. Repeated and/or serious dissemination of confidential information such as rides or emails may affect a member's standing with the club.


Members are personally responsible for maintaining their personal privacy settings, via browser, Facebook settings, Strava settings, use of blank carbon copy email, etc.

A member may use alternate names on social media, for any reason they choose, however these names are required to be known by Club members and the Committee if used on Member only platforms. Any requests will be minuted at the next Committee meeting.


The Committee will audit the list of individuals with access to Members Only social media assets with reference to the IMG Sport Technology Group database. A person who is not found may be immediately removed from access to the members only assets. Notification may be provided to the person concerned, if their membership has lapsed unintentionally.


In the event that a member or guest contravenes the behaviour expectations of the club or the intent of the behaviour expectations of the club then sanctions may be considered by the Committee in its absolute discretion.

Any queries should be directed to


The NWSCC Committee