NWSCC WoTW1 race recap(s)

The truth is out there. You decide from the below pair of recaps......

Race recap WOTW NWSCC.Marconi Round

War of the West has started, and this guy was very impressed with the standard of racing, and the well structured nature of it. The introduction of OC Carey into the organising mix lifted the standard of ideas and sponsorship and we shall be stealing his ideas moving forward. Nothing is perfect, the ladies race was getting squeezed far too often, and it was really ugly to see two LACC riders hit the deck crazy hard (my first time ever calling 000!!), but I was extremely impressed with our professional healthcare members Bel and Marin being prepared to get involved to help them out, as well as my Penrith mate Craig Barnes (most aggressive in B grade).

Props to Jodie for closing out the ladies handicap. I really expect to see you do more races, its 2 wins from 2 or 3 starts.

I spotted Craig Cadman on debut, hope it gave you a taste for more.

Adam Fahey Prez was unlucky after a powerful break at the end after Wesley Hurrell softened them up in A2.

Daniel Norris won the bunch sprint in C, well played.

A return by Michael Robson was welcome (my old commuter Strava sparring partner).

Andrew Finlayson continued his blistering form, and, more impressively, managed to beat 2 other breaking riders onto the podium. Great job by the Abud Alnatour to help establish the break.

All our ladies racers went awesome, I would encourage you to keep in contact with your race mates on Strava, and try and get out to the ladies' races. Can't be too hard when it's mostly Parklife and LACC :-)

Jason Racchi had a punishing day as Commissaire, well done for surviving mate - and big thanks also go to Brad, Allan and the Marconi club because these races are great with them involved.

Thanks Peter Chadwick for looking after the desk to start the day, and all the other volunteers and spectators (!!!!).

When thinking about things like NWSCC, and clubs in general, I hope we got a taste of what it means to wear the Orange, instead of the green, or the black and gold, or the blue... There was a lot of really positive attacking racing and I felt a lot less confusion about the responsibility of different clubs to chase breaks and pull turns. If Parramatta or Marconi didn't chase the A grade break, then it was pretty clear that no one else was going to - and they knew why. So, wear your colours. Ultimately, you are the club. Every time you zip up the jersey and roll out the driveway or off the start line, you represent yourself, and the group you belong to, and you embrace what that group is about. We want to ride bikes and have fun with other people that ride bikes and have fun, mainly around north west Sydney.

More rounds to come. Look forward to seeing you out there.

Leigh Hardwick, NWSCC Club Captain.


Nothing reminds you that you are at a Western Sydney interclub than the gentle thrum of an Aston Martin entering the car park. Except maybe the purr of a fleet of Range Rovers and Mercs in convoy (for safety), as they make their way along the Great Western Highway from the Western Suburb’s inner Eastern Enclaves. The LACC Bandits and the Parklife Semi-Pros had arrived and were ready to dish a certain type of hurt that only a deep seated sense of entitlement can deliver.

Penrith were there. Powered by a mixture multi-generations of in-breading, a knowledge that most parole officers won’t wake up before 11am on a weekend and having a club full of talent across all grades. And Shagga. Still smarting at the loss of their finest rider, Arthur Hardwick to ‘The Flying V’, Penrith were out for blood.

Marconi arrived, like all good sprinters… straight from the buffet. They had put the #Biddlesignal out last night and the man in Attaquer answered the call. As did the Howitzer. They meant business… Except Bally… Did anyone else know Brad is a DJ? Little #alternatefact for you!

Just as this group of misfits thought they were safe… A sound was heard crossing the Great Western Highway… A speaker blaring AccaDacca to wake the cycling establishment from their slumber. The Flying V of NWSCC had arrived to Dirty Deeds no less. Powered by the knowledge that the V is the most aerodynamic formation and a number of Bluetooth speakers with highly variable battery lives.

Kev Berkely arrived to round out the 6th club, Parra!

And so the racing ensued. Exactly as all clubs predicted NWSCC dished hurt across the board. In fact, the hurt was so obvious that the race officials didn’t even bother to monitor finish positions. THAT… is how irrelevant they were. Across all grades, the Flying V formed up and unleased hurt bombs on the unsuspecting masses from the West.

A couple of laps out, the Black Sherriff begged our race leaders to peal back and let Parklife and LACC win a couple of spots… Parklife is a new club and needs the help of clearly superior clubs like ours as they establish themselves. LACC is like when your Mum and Dad split up and your Dad wants to come clubbing with you and your mates to pick up and show you some of his moves.

And so it was… NWSCC graciously gave a leg up and encouraged Chris Barlin, Nash Kent, Shane Deering and all the other new cyclists into strong results. We also let LACC have 3 vodka red bulls, do the worm in the middle of the dance floor and weasel in on our crush just to keep their confidence up. We have you right where we want you… just as the real racing begins.

NWSCC successful maintained their position as most feared, respected and revered club in the WEST!

From an anonymous drone owner.