Who are we?

North Western Sydney Cycling Club is a group of cyclists who like riding bikes together. We ride socially, we race, we are roadies, mountain bikers, track riders, triathletes, mums, dads, kids, commuters, weekend warriors, coffee addicts, beer fans, lycra oddballs and great friends.

Our Values

Promote interest and encourage safe participation in cycling for everyone. We will do this through providing a social, fun and inclusive experience that makes people feel special. To do this we ensure:

  • Inclusivity: everyone is welcome, regardless of bike and ability
  • Supportive: we will provide a supportive and safe approach to riding
  • Social: we want to create a cycling community, a real club feel
  • Commitment: we are committed to making the best experience for cyclists.

Our Vision

To provide an inclusive premium cycling experience. We believe that cycling clubs are responsible to their community. We function with a social purpose, and this social purpose is the heart, soul and passion of what we do. We want to see more people cycling. We want people to reap the benefits of cycling; health, wellbeing, fitness, social, enjoyment and fun.

We want people to have fun on their bikes, to ride and to enjoy cycling. We want people to be social and come together and enjoy a joint passion; the bike, the culture and the respect.