A revamped ladies Sunday ride - lead by Kim Stokeld - Oct 30th 2016

Ladies Social Ride Report

Today the ladies social ride had a revamp - the combination of our usual venue, Parramatta Park, being decked in pink for the Pink Triathlon, and our usual fearless leader, Jodie, doing the Pink Triathlon, meant that a change was required.

After some conversation, we decided to provide more of a challenge to our ladies and I organised a ride route to Sydney Olympic Park. For the ladies up for the bigger challenge, there was a 70+km return ride, and for the ladies who wanted to just give Olympic Park a go, there was a 18-20km ride around the Park.

The ride from the Etta was a fun one.. interesting bike paths, clackety bridges, Cumberland Hospital heritage, some river views and even a bit of cyclocross. Some more ladies joined us at meeting points enroute and we had a bunch of 6 by the time we arrived at SOP. There we were met by a lady who had driven all the way from Faulconbridge to ride with us!

We then set off to do some SOP long laps and along the way we came across a late arrival who'd missed the start and had done her own individual pursuit to catch us. After a few laps, the now 8 of us stopped for coffee, chat and some entertainment from a man at another table.

7 of us then got back on our bikes for the return trip which was another fun one with a slightly different route home.

All in all it was a fun morning on the bike with lots of laughs and a great crew. Thanks ladies!