NWSCC/Marconi SMSP race report - Jan 28th 2017

Our first race for 2017 is done and dusted! 111 riders raced across five grades this morning and capitalised on a lot of Summer riding/training/cruising/spectating. This was the first time we have used the new "A Reserve/A minus" grade as well; Marconi's idea to improve competition between the strong riders. It did not disappoint with well matched racing.

A massive thank you to our sponsor The Odd Spoke bike shop Han, allowing us to pay the BEST prize money to the lower grades in Sydney (I believe winning C grade was 90 dollars including vouchers and cash?!!). A favourite shop amongst our members. Also thank you to NutriScience Wesley the best supplements for endurance athletes. Just ask our A graders how good they are!

A grade was dominated by a 3 man break from the first corner including our own Andrew Finlayson, riding for team Odd Spoke, Marconi's Trent Butler, and winner Tristan Cardew from Team Mobius, staying away all race. An extremely powerful and disciplined ride.

A Reserve had a four man break building man by man half way through and was supported by a sympathetic chase group. The lead was so convincing that the bunch was given the bell a lap earlier than the break. Trackie Rodrigo Nataro from DHBC looked strong all race and took the chocolates in the final kick, followed by Toby G and NWSCC's Diego Morales (in his first major podium!), trailed by the mighty Shaun Shagga McManus.

B grade was won by the usual suspects in a bunch sprint, Nathan Maybury NWSCC, Mark Eedle from LACC and Peter Tononcelli from Marconi, with 1st woman going to Bridget Bremner NWSCC riding for team Odd Spoke. A great race with lots of prodding and attacking.

C grade finished in a bunch sprint, shutting down some late attacks on the final lap after a lot of positive racing earlier on. Jerel David, Steve Gray and Stephen Short finished in the money.

D grade was a scrappy affair, with a range of abilities splintering the bunch towards the end of the race. The podium was an all NWSCC affair, with our newest club member Bryce Law strong in the end to win. Looking forward to seeing him on the road soon! Garry Williams did plenty of work proving older guys can put the hurt on and was rewarded with 2nd place and a promotion to C grade, while Barno Sumno continued his successful racing apprenticeship with 3rd place.

Thank you to the Commissaires, volunteers and photographers from both clubs, making this such a great day, and we look forward to seeing you at the War of the West inter club series starting next weekend! Preentry and further information is available at www.warofthewest.com.au

Leigh Hardwick, NWSCC Club Captain