NWSCC Everesting - Greg and Rob

We're going to put up a post every day this week to acknowledge some incredible achievements by our members over the past fortnight, and some of the fantastic times that the rest of the club has had around them. One of the best things about cycling is that you don't have to commit to a once in a lifetime goal to tag along and have a good time.

Rob Lloyd (club sponsor RT Screenprinting) and Greg Anderson completed the Everesting challenge over the weekend, spending up to 30 hours straight riding up and down the northern ascent of the Pie in the Sky climb at Cowan on the old highway. 46 climbs for more than 8848m of climbing. Kudos gentlemen. Congrats also to Deb Owers who also completed it at the same time. James Attard was brave and set a personal best distance of 200kms before pulling the pin after 12 hours of riding, and also Robert Thomson who was unlucky with mechanicals and had to pull out after 160.

Equally inspiring was the number of people who either came down to ride some laps, or hang out for a while to keep the vibe pumping. Nodoze and Red Bull can only take you so far ;)

Well done Rob, well done Greg. Our first 3 members of the Everesting club have been decided. We think a few of the faces in these photos might be the next.