NWSCC Juniors

North Western Sydney is a new and thriving area, full of young families – many of which have avid cyclists. NWSCC recognises that our younger riders are the lifeblood and future of the club, as such have invested a lot of time and resources in developing a junior program which caters for all abilities.

Interschools Cycling

Held weekly, Interschools Cycling provides a fun, social, kid-focused environment for children to develop their cycling. Divided into a summer (Lidcombe Oval, Lidcombe) and winter season (Lansdowne Park, Lansdowne) their Sunday race events aren't club focused. Instead, kids represent their schools and gain points in the events they ride in. Because they aren't club-specific, ISC has large fields at their events and junior riders of all ages, experience, and bike type (including track bikes) are catered for. Over the 2 or so hours, each child gets at least 3 races on a fantastic course.

Because ISC is not affiliated with Cycling NSW, a Cycling NSW race license isn't required to participate in these events - a Ride or Ride+ membership with NWSCC is enough at this level. They also have their own insurance which is covered in the cost of entry. New riders pay $12 (casual rate) for their first couple of visits and if they want to participate regularly, it becomes more cost effective to pay $30 each 6 month season which then reduces each event cost to $7 (you basically get your $30 back after the sixth visit).

ISC also have a wide variety of bikes including road bikes and track bikes for new riders to borrow or buy, and also have a bike mechanic dedicated to setting up their bikes. More importantly, the bike mechanic's specialty is junior bike setup.

Time: 2:15pm signon, racing from 3pm

Date: Sundays

Venue: Lidcombe Oval Velodrome, Lidcombe (Summer Season)

Cost: $7 per session (ISC Members), $12 per session (casuals), $30 ISC Membership per season


Junior Cyclist is the coaching side of this group and they offer skills training sessions for kids on Thursday afternoons at Lidcombe Oval. All coaches are qualified and experienced, and they work with all levels of riders and bikes. Located in a contained environment away from cars, they help kids develop their skills and move up through the competency levels so that they become more skilled, more confident and more

Time: 6-7:30pm

Date: Thursdays

Venue: Lidcombe Oval Velodrome, Lidcombe

Cost: $50 per school term, or $10 per week casuals

http://juniorcyclist.org.au/about/ if you have any questions, or would like further information.