Committee Nominations 2018

Thank you for supporting your club, and considering contributing as a committee member. The nomination and election process is as follows.

1. Nominations open to all financial members of NWSCC. Self-nomination is required. There is no need for a seconder of any nomination.

2. Nomination will be via an email using the form below to the returning officer, David Moore. Nominations will close at 11.59 pm on Thursday 20th September 2018. Where there are no nominees for a position when nominations close, an email will be sent to all members putting a final request for nominations for those positions.

3. Proxy forms are available, although members are encouraged to attend in person. (click here to download the proxy form)

4. Where there is more than one nominee for a position, there will be a secret ballot. Ballot papers will be pre-printed, with candidates listed in alphabetical order.

5. If applicable any amendments to the Constitution, voting on which will precede the election of the committee.

6. Voting for positions will be in the order that the positions are listed in the amended Constitution – ie. President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Women’s Liaison Officer, Race Director, Social Ride Coordinator, Media and Social Media Coordinator, Social Events Secretary, Sponsorship Officer.

7. The position of Club Captain is required by Cycling NSW. This is a non-board member position (refer to constitution). Voting for this position will follow the committee elections.

8. The position of Handicapper is required by Cycling NSW. This is a non-board member position (refer to constitution). An appointment will be made by the returning committee in consultation with the Race Director.

9. Members may nominate and be elected for more than one position (refer to constitution).

10. Counting of votes will be undertaken by a returning officer, which will be a member of the club, appointed by the Committee, and who has not nominated for any position. David Moore has volunteered to be the Returning Officer.

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To the Returning Officer: I would like to nominate myself for the following positions on the 2018/19 NWSCC Committee. I declare I am a financial member of NWSCC and comply with the rules set out by the Constitution. I understand the process for election, the obligations of the position and have made enquiries if necessary to clarify in advance.
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