From the President

The 3rd NWSCC Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 7pm Thursday, 12th October 2017. This will be a night to celebrate the club's achievements over the past 12 months, as well as an opportunity to elect your Committee for 2017/18. You will shortly be receiving some email correspondence which outlines the nomination process, as well as the process to vote via proxy if you're absent on the night.

Having been involved with the club from its inception in late 2014, I'm personally very proud of what has been achieved in the past 12 months, and it is a testament to our current committee and tireless volunteers who roll up their sleeves to provide for such a great community of people. Special mention to all of you as members too, because without you, there wouldn't be a thriving community.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and I hope to see you at the AGM.

Adam Fahey


From the Returning Officer

Thank you for your support of your club, and considering contributing as a committee member. The nomination and election process is as follows.

1. Nominations open to all financial members of NWSCC. Self-nomination is required. There is no need for a seconder of any nomination.

2. Nomination will be via an email using the form below to the returning officer, David Moore. Nominations will close at 11.59 pm on Thursday 5th October 2017. Where there are no nominees for a position when nominations close, an email will be sent to all members putting a final request for nominations for those positions.

3. Proxy forms are available, although members are encouraged to attend in person. (click here to download the proxy form)

4. Where there is more than one nominee for a position, there will be a secret ballot. Ballot papers will be pre-printed, with candidates listed in alphabetical order.

5. Amendment to the Constitution (voting on which will precede the election of the committee). See Details below.

6. Voting for positions will be in the order that the positions are listed in the amended Constitution – ie. President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Women’s Liaison Officer, Race Director, Social Ride Coordinator, Media and Social Media Coordinator, Social Events Secretary, Sponsorship Officer.

7. The position of Club Captain is required by Cycling NSW. This is a non-board member position (see revised constitution). Voting for this position will follow the committee elections.

8. The position of Handicapper is required by Cycling NSW. This is a non-board member position (see revised constitution). An appointment will be made by the returning committee in consultation with the Race Director.

9. Members may nominate and be elected for more than one position, as noted in the amended constitution.

10. Counting of votes will be undertaken by a returning officer, which will be a member of the club appointed by the Committee, and who has not nominated for any position. David Moore has volunteered to be the Returning Officer.

Name *
Request to nominate *
To the Returning Officer: I would like to nominate myself for the following positions on the 2018 NWSCC Committee. I declare I am a financial member of NWSCC and comply with the rules set out by the Constitution. I understand the process for election, the obligations of the position and have made enquiries if necessary to clarify in advance.
Position *

David Moore
Returning Officer

From the Committee - Motion to Amend the Club Constitution

Preamble –

The following change to the constitution has been proposed by the current committee.

Essentially these changes will reduce the size of the committee from 14 to 10, whilst streamlining and improving their functionality.

The position of Junior Development Officer is considered not required at this time, but can be re-introduced at a later date.

The position of Uniform officer is also considered not required, considering the clubs new kit supplier is a club member, and is very approachable to all members.

The position of handicapper is considered to be part of the overall race directors portfolio of duties and responsibilities. (The Race Director is encouraged to enlist the help of other members to assist with these duties).

The role of the Club Captain is primarily to liaise with members (and potential new members) to encourage participation in racing. The position is considered a key role in developing NWSCC as major cycling club in NSW. This role is better suited to be separated from the overall management of the club.

Proposed Resolution –

The committee recommends the following amendments to the constitution –

Under the heading “Meetings of Members”:
Clause 1 – after the words “electing a Board of Directors” add the words “electing a Club Captain”

Under the heading “Board of Directors”:
Clause 2 – Delete “18” and replace with “16”.

Clause 2 – Delete the words “as well as any Cycling NSW position (Club Captain and Club Handicapper)” and after the full stop add the new words “The Board will appoint the Club Handicapper”.

Clause 2 – After the sentence “Each position on the Board shall be open for direct election by the members of the club at each AGM, and the term of each position is one year, or the period commencing with one AGM, and ending at the AGM in the following year.” add a new sentence: “A Board member may hold more than one position, but shall only be entitled to a single vote on any resolution.”

Clauses 16 and 18 delete all, and renumber 17 as clause 16.

The impact of these changes is as follows -

The Cycling NSW positions (Captain and Handicapper) are no longer Board positions (although they may be filled by a Board member). Captain is elected by the members at the AGM, and Handicapper is appointed by the Board.

The positions of Club Kit Officer and the Junior Members Development Officer are abolished.

This means that the Board will comprise the persons filling the following ten roles:

Vice President
Women’s Liaison Officer
Race Director
Social Ride Coordinator
Media and Social Media Coordinator
Social Events Secretary
Sponsorship Officer.


Current Nominations

President - Adam Fahey, Glenn Johnston

Vice-President - Mex Vumbaca, Glenn Johnston

Secretary - Peter Chadwick

Treasurer - James Attard

Women’s Liaison Officer - Brittany Devlin, Sharon Andrews

Race Director - Kim Stokeld

Social Ride Coordinator - Riki Lingam

Media and Social Media Coordinator - Greg Anderson

Social Events Secretary - Belinda Miller

Sponsorship Officer - Robert Dannoun

Club Captain - Andrew Finlayson